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Day 2 - Post Flood

Sunday 2/24 revealed a lot of an absolute mess. With both rinks destroyed, we began to simply remove tiles from the rink surfaces and by that evening both rinks were clear of the tile surface but covered in mud, silt and debris.

On Monday, Hendersonville Parks and Hendersonville Fire Department were out early with a front end loader and fire truck beginning to remove the mud from the concrete rink surface. What a fantastic job they did as they were able to completely empty the mud from both rinks 1 & 2.

That same day, members of the HIHA Board of Directors also attended meetings for most of the day with Hendersonville Parks Department, Hendersonville Fire Department and the installers for the rink tiles. In these meetings the damage assessments were made and it was made clear that HIHA wanted to do everything in it's power to not allow this flood to cancel the entire 2019 Spring season.

The Parks Department and Fire Department stepped up in a huge way and committed to getting the concrete surfaces cleaned and ready for re-installation of tiles as well as making some repairs to the boards that had been knocked down when the floodwaters rushed out of the rinks during Saturday evening/Sunday morning.

Late Monday evening, HIHA's Board organized a community effort for Tuesday February 26 and Wednesday February 27 to begin piecing together the puzzle and start laying out rink surface tiles. Requests for power washers, brooms, rakes and bodies were made to our community that evening and the immediate response was encouraging.

The end of day 2 saw a lot of progress toward getting things cleaned up but there's still A LOT more to be done.


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