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The board of directors for Hendersonville Inline Hockey Association have adopted the following rules

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Veteran’s Park Rink Regulations:

  • It is recommended that all persons wear all recommended and elbow pads. If engaged in playing hockey, recommended safety equipment also includes mouthpiece, hockey style shin pads, and protective cup/pelvic protection. If under age 18, helmet should have full face shield.ed safety equipment at all times while on the rink surface. Recommended safety equipment includes helm
  • All persons on rink surface shall wear inline skates, quad skates, or athletic shoes.
  • No skateboards, bicycles, tricycles, or other similar devices or conveyances shall be allowed on the rink at any time.
  • Hendersonville Inline Hockey Association shall be allowed to place temporary signs at and on the rink facility. This shall include banner type signs attached to the rink and sponsor signs on the exterior side of the board system so long as the latter can be reversed such that the sign is not visible during times that games are not being played.
  • No person shall purposely cause any damage to any part of the rink surface or board system. Any person willfully causing damage to the same shall be responsible for the same.
  • No spectators shall be allowed on the bench side of the rink during any games and at all times shall remain behind the protective fencing at the rink.
  • Hendersonville Inline Hockey Association activities of any kind take precedence over all other activities at the rink.
  • All Hendersonville Inline Hockey activities including practices and games shall be scheduled through the appropriate Hendersonville Inline Hockey Association Board member.
  • All non-HIHA uses of the rink facility shall be scheduled through the appropriate Hendersonville Inline Hockey Association Board member.
  • All spectators, players, coaches, referees, and league officials must demonstrate proper decorum and respect toward all other persons at all times. Failure to comply with this rule will result in possible penalties and/or expulsion from the rink.